What is FTM Digital Currency (Fantom)

Fantom FTM

FTM coin is the approved currency for facilitating and completing transactions within the Fantom platform, which was created in 2018 by South Korean computer scientist Dr. Ahn Byung-ik.

FTM Token — A Fantom token that provides decentralized finance and smart contracts services to developers using its own custom consensus algorithm.

The platform along with the FTM coin aims to address issues related to smart contract platforms, in particular the transaction speed which, according to the developers, has become less than two seconds.

The Fantom Foundation was established in 2018, and the OPERA core network was launched in 2019.

Who are the founders of the FTM cryptocurrency and Fantom platform?
Fantom is founded by South Korean computer scientist Dr. Ahn Byung-ik, and the CEO is currently Michael Kong.

The team behind Fantom has extensive experience, primarily in blockchain development, and the team aims to create a smart contracting platform that enables scalability, decentralization, and security.

According to the official website, the Fantom team also consists of specialized engineers, scientists, researchers, designers and entrepreneurs. Employees are located all over the world, in keeping with the spirit of a distributed platform.

What is the FTM Digital Token Project
The FTM cryptocurrency and its Fantom platform are trying to take advantage of a new consensus mechanism built from scratch to facilitate the operation of decentralized finance platforms and smart contract services.

According to the developers, Lachesis has a much higher throughput and two-second transaction completion, in addition to security improvements over traditional PoS platforms.

The project attracts developers looking to deploy decentralized solutions, as the platform’s mission is to “ensure interoperability between all transactions worldwide.”

Fantom FTM

The platform’s backbone is the FTM coin, which can be used to pay for bonuses, pay network fees, and for bets.

Through its ICO in 2018, Fantom raised nearly $40 million in funding to develop the platform and coin.

Information about FTM cryptocurrency
FTM cryptocurrency works on the Ethereum network
The total number of FTM tokens is more than 2.5 billion
The highest value reached by the FTM cryptocurrency is 3.5 $ on October 21st, 2021

Fantom coin forecast
Fantom Coin Predictions for 2022

If the upward trend in the price continues, the FTM coin may reach the level of $15 by the end of 2022. Moreover, the price in the first half of 2022 is likely to experience rapid growth, reaching the level of $25. After that, the rally will slow, but no significant declines are expected. With upcoming partnerships and developments, this level does not seem impossible on Fantom (FTM).

Fantom Coin Predictions for 2023

If the FTM holds the support level around the 200-MA, which is the long-term 200-day moving average steadily, it is likely that investors will have enough time to push the price up to the new vital level at $40.

Fantom Coin Predictions for 2024

Taking into account the new project developments of the platform, FTM investors can expect to make several partnerships in 2024. This may lead to an increase in the price of the FTM coin in the cryptocurrency market, and this may raise the price to the level of $52.

Fantom coin predictions for 2025

In the next four years, FTM coin prices could reach $75. However, reaching this level cannot be too difficult for FTM, as they have shown high growth potential and have managed to achieve impressive highs.

The future of Fantom coin
The FTM platform provides a safe and secure system to facilitate transactions and trading without intermediaries. The platform’s subsidiary, Hyperblocks, operates several validators that help secure the Fantom’s blockchain. As an alternative to Ethereum, Fantom uses an asynchronous Byzantine consensus model (aBFT) to validate transactions. This not only facilitates access and ensures security, but also results in minimal fees. Lachesis, our platform’s revolutionary aBFT consensus mechanism, allows the platform to be much faster and cheaper than other platforms.

The algorithm of this platform focuses on the blockchain network, and mainly on its programmability. The platform allows users to take advantage of the digital money perspective and use Fantom coin to carry out all market transactions such as financial services, apps and games, to name a few, which can be built on the platform. The Fantom platform also allows developers to automatically formulate, create and act on smart contracts to perform tasks under specific conditions.

Fantom FTM

Companies can build private, licensed blockchain networks based on the Fantom platform using its plug-and-play feature. This provides them with global expansion, a wide network of users and decentralized applications as well as a range of continuous developments and upgrades. Enterprise Fantom refers to a specific set of guidelines and technical specifications for accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology among businesses. By rolling out a massive upgrade called Go-opera, Fantom announced an invaluable contribution to the blockchain network recently. This has accelerated multifaceted transactions and greatly improved network efficiencies. All the value that this coin brings to the blockchain network and companies, alike, will give FTM (Fantom) coin very high and great growth opportunities that will make it one of the best digital currencies for investment and trading. This indicates that the future of FTM (Fantom) will be bright.

Now let’s take a look at some of the top predictions of some platforms for the future of Fantom:

Wallet Investor . platform

This platform predicts that this coin will experience a long-term price increase, as in 2026 the price could reach the level of $13,345. With a 5-year investment, revenue is expected to be around +467.4%.

Trading Beasts . platform

By applying technical analysis, this platform predicts that the price of this coin will reach $2.5 by the end of 2022.

GOV Capital . platform

This platform predicts that the Fantom coin will reach $4.21 by the end of 2022.

Digital Coin Price . platform

This platform predicts that the price of the FTM coin will reach the level of $4.08 by the end of 2022 and $5.47 by the end of 2026.



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